The Ultimate Summer Bucket List for Adults


There are still a couple good months of summer left and you should milk the warm sunshine for all that it is worth! Having a hard time coming up with some fun summer activities for you and your friends? We’ve got you covered with this ultimate summer bucket list.


See how many of these things you can do before the summer ends.


  1. Go camping off the grid. Don’t go to a well-groomed campground. Pack up your gear and hike out into a forest to camp where no one else has been.

  2. Spend an entire day at a water park. You always wanted to do this as a child. Now you’re an adult and can do whatever you want! So go for it!

  3. Play slip’n’slide kickball. Get a few tarps, some kiddie pools, a beach ball, and a bunch of friends and you’re set! Just be careful not to knock out a tooth or you may be paying a visit to the dentist.

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  5. Sleep under the stars. Take a hammock out or just some blankets on a warm night and sleep under the stars. Find someplace quiet and dark where you can enjoy the serenity that a calm night offers.

  6. Do a fun-run. There are tons of fun 5ks everywhere throughout the summer. Whether you want to do a color run or an obstacle course, get a couple friends and sign up for one before the summer is done.

  7. Live like a tourist in your hometown. Visit all the touristy hotspots in your town. Maybe you’ll finally see the appeal in why all these people visit.

  8. Go white water rafting. If you’re inexperienced, make sure you find a location where a guide can take you out on the water to be safe (trust me, it’s still just as fun).

  9. Have a water balloon fight. Water balloons are not just for kids. Find an open field, put up some cardboard or wooden “bases” to hide behind and bring a couple hundred water balloons.

  10. Spend the day at a lake. Go swimming or fishing in the lake. Have a campfire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Just enjoy a break from the busy world.

  11. Go on that fair ride that you always chicken out on. You know the one I’m talking about – the one on the bungee cords that shoots you up into the air. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

  12. Learn something new. Take a cooking or pottery class. Learn to ride a motorcycle. I don’t care what it is, just learn to do something you’ve never done before.

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  14. Go on a biking trip. Back a light bag, get a couple friends to do the same, and just take off on your bikes and see where the road takes you.

  15. Spend a day thrift shopping with a budget of $50. See if you can find any real treasures worth keeping.

  16. Build a sand castle. Go to the beach, whether it’s at a lake or on the coast, and build the biggest sand castle you’ve ever seen. Make it a group effort or have a contest with your friends.

  17. Spend a day reading in the sun. Make some iced tea or lemonade, lay out your beach towel or lounge chair, and relax in the sun while enjoying a book you’ve been meaning to get to.


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Don’t wait for the summer to pass you by. Start making it count now!

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