Tips For Piercing Aftercare (& To Get The Best Results)

If you want to feel good in today’s world, you might want to do something for yourself. This something could be a new piercing. Whether you have had a piercing before or not, they are a fun way to express your character and personality. They are safe and can look very stylish, helping you feel your best. 

If you wish to get a new piercing soon, here are some tips for the best results and aftercare.

Speak to the jewelers about aftercare

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Before you book your appointment, you must be clued up on the aftercare of piercings. Different piercings require different aftercare. 

For instance, you might be looking to get a daith piercing. If so, you should find out more information on the daith piercing to ensure you know what to expect and how to take care of it once it is finished. Taking good care of your piercing will guarantee maximum safety and health. Piercings can be vulnerable to infections if they are not looked after properly. Therefore, read up on piercing and aftercare tips to guarantee safety after you have a new piercing. 

Keep your hands and the area clean

After you have gotten your piercing, it is essential to keep your hands and the area clean. It is good to wash the area with mild, soapy water to remove any germs. 

Be sure not to touch your piercing with dirty hands, as this can increase the risk of infection. 

Clean the area once a day

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Speaking of cleaning the area, be sure to keep this up once a day if possible. 

Even if you keep the area covered or clean, you never know what dirt and bacteria can touch the area. If it isn’t cleaned frequently, it can become infected. Piercing infections are nasty and can be easily prevented by cleaning the area once a day. 

Take inspiration with you to the appointment

If you want the best piercing results, to make it look aesthetic and to your standard, it is advised to take inspiration with you to your appointment. If the jeweler goes off of your word only, it might not be the piercing you envisioned. 

When you take a picture, the piecer can get a better understanding and visual of what you want and how you want it to look.

Avoid sleeping on the area

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Another smart aftercare tip for piercings is to avoid sleeping on the area. Whether you get a new ear piercing or your nose pierced, it is advised not to lean on the area, as this can hurt and also cause bruising. 

You will allow the piercing to heal quicker if you allow it to breathe, which means avoiding sleeping on it. 

It is advised to pursue these tips to guarantee the best results for your piercing and ensure it does not become infected. Be sure to take inspiration to the jewelers and keep it clean for a few weeks after. 

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