How to Support Your Child’s Teacher

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Teachers don’t have it easy. Often times they are the only adult supervising between 20 to 30 rambunctious children. They are understaffed and underpaid, considering the fact that they are helping to raise the next generation of adults for our society.

The wonderful thing about teachers, though, is that they love what they are doing. They try to support the kids that come into their classrooms, and they are usually doing their best to provide the best possible learning environment for each of their students.

Here are a few things that parents of preschool and grade-school age children can do to help your kids’ teachers.

Donate Books

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Teachers love to have books available for their students to read during their downtime. A great way to support your child’s teacher is to give her a few books. These could be books that your children no longer like or even stories that you picked up at a garage sale. However you come by the books, the teacher will be grateful to add them to their meager supply.

Purchase School Supplies

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Most parents roll their eyes when they see the school supplies list. They think that it isn’t fair that they have to buy hand sanitizer and tissue for the classroom. This may come as a surprise to those parents, but your child will probably need tissue and hand sanitizer sometime during the semester. If you don’t buy it then the teacher will have to and chances are your student will still use those things.

When you have to make purchases that are for your child’s classroom, consider it an investment in their education instead of thinking that you are buying things that your child doesn’t need.

Be Involved In the Classroom

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Teachers are always looking for volunteers to come into the classroom and help with activities. Whether it is dressing up as a witch and serving the children “snot-stew” (based on the children’s book Snot Stew) around Halloween, or being the chaperone on a field trip, the teacher will be grateful for any help you’re willing to provide.

Attending School Board Meetings

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If you are able to help on a more managerial level, try to make it to the next school board meeting. This is where all of the big decisions are made, and your extra voice could be the difference between a band competition and new parking spots for seniors.


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There are lots of ways to volunteer besides in the classroom. You could be part of the parent music committee and help with the band and choir. You could be a coach on the speech and debate team. By doing these sorts of these you help make possible what the teachers are trying to do for your kids.

If you’ve read through this list and none of these suggestions seem like things you could do, then talk with your kid’s teacher. They will be thrilled that you are willing to lend a hand and, most likely, they will be more than happy to find somewhere for you to help.

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