Renting a Furnished Apartment or Home

When it comes to finding the perfect rental property, it isn’t always easy. There is such a variety of apartments and homes to explore, and often it’s their amenities that help us make the final decision.

Now, most amenities you could probably do without, but if you’re in a position where you’re moving long distance or pretty frequently, having a furnished space may be one of your must-haves, but a furnished apartment will come with its own downsides.


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Getting a furnished place is great if you want to avoid the heavy lifting of moving furniture in. It also means you can move in and out more quickly since you won’t need to spend time finding extra hands and vehicles to help you move everything.

However, getting a furnished place may become more of a hassle if you already have some or all of your own furnishings. You may have to find a space to store them in and, depending on your choice of storage, pay a storage fee you hadn’t been planning on.


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If you don’t have your own furniture already, you likely won’t need to worry about any storage costs, but you may see higher expenses elsewhere. If a home comes furnished, it will likely have a higher monthly rent, and if you choose to rent from a furnishing company, that will come with its own monthly charge.

You’ll want to compare this expense against the amount you would need to spend on purchasing any items you don’t have. You may find that it’s cheaper for you in the long run to have a furnished apartment.


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Trying to furnish your own space may mean scouring charity shops for pieces that are well-used but still in decent condition, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for.

One major benefit of getting a place that comes furnished is someone has already invested in nice, updated pieces that will last. The only real downside here is you’ll be expected to take care of those pieces so they’ll continue to be in good shape, which may mean specific rules or care that come along with your lease.


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Last but not least is the style and vibe of your space, and your furniture plays a big role in this. Chances are, if the apartment comes furnished or you’re outsourcing to a furnishing company, there will be a consistent style with each piece, meaning your home will look put together will very little effort on your part.

But it doesn’t mean that style will be to your taste. If the owner is furnishing it, you’re stuck with that style, but if you’re using a furnishing company, you may be able to choose from several style options to fit your own taste.

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Most property listings, like those on, will tell you what items are and aren’t furnished. If you find a place you absolutely love that doesn’t fit your furnishing needs, it never hurts to reach out to the owner or property manager.

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You can find out if they would be willing to furnish some pieces that you don’t have or remove pieces to make way for your own.

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