3 Home Design Trends That Devalue Your Home

Over the years, people have shown varied tastes and preferences in home designs with the hope of creating unique spaces. Some do it to improve home value, while others use it simply to express their unique personality. They has been a surge of interest in home design trends, like bedroom makeovers, but the truth is that not all of them contribute to enhancing property value. It’s essential to get your home design right as it can be a heavy investment, with research revealing that homeowners spent $472 billion as part of home improvement projects to incorporate some of these design trends. It will hurt to spend so much only for these designs to devalue your home. If you’re wondering what some of these design trends are, below are three common ones. 

1. Over-personalized themes


Personal style is a fundamental aspect of design; however, something like a house doesn’t require too much, especially when you plan to sell it in a few years. Many homeowners test how far they can go with these designs and inadvertently end up with overly personalized home designs that include excessively unconventional colors, patterns, and textures that may put potential buyers off. According to real estate experts, many prospective buyers tend to prefer homes with immense neutrality to help them incorporate their themes. Due to this, an excessive theme leaves little to no room for these changes to be made. Remember that people have their style preferences; therefore, infusing too much of yours increases the risk of your house staying too long on the market when you’re ready to sell.

2. Overlooking exterior aesthetics

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People place a lot of focus on beautiful interior decor but, for some reason, neglect the exterior. However, a home exterior in sharp contradiction to the indoors can devalue your home. For instance, your interior can have the best decor comparable to homes showcased in magazines. But if the exterior has clogged or damaged gutters, it takes away from the home’s aesthetics and can lessen its value. A prospective buyer will be put off by the idea of taking up a house with serious maintenance issues, no matter how trendy the interiors look.

That is why regular gutter cleaning, roof, and siding repairs are vital to your home’s overall value. Unsightly water damage to your home’s exterior does more than repel buyers. It tells them your home is not well-maintained. Fortunately, you can turn that around by factoring your exterior into your home’s visual charm. All these add to curb appeal and signal to buyers that the house they’re interested in is more than its trendy designs.

3. Excessive wallpaper use

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Wallpaper usage allows your home to have character and personality. Even better, you can change them when you’re bored with the current patterns. However, many homeowners fail to realize that wallpapers are highly subjective because people have varied tastes in home design. Although wallpapers can be changed, they can be time-consuming and expensive. 

The tip is to avoid overwhelming your space and stick with the ‘less is more’ mantra. It is better to choose a home design that appeals to a broader buyer spectrum than to choose options that may not be appealing later on. 

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