5 Tips for Small Living Spaces

Not all homes come with vast amounts of space to store belongings or have walk-in closets and kitchens big enough for a family to live in. Some houses are compact and are configured over a smaller amount of square footage, so residents or homeowners need to get creative with how they approach living in smaller quarters.

While tiny homes and van life trends have taken off recently, not everyone knows how best to utilize space in a smaller home. This post has some suggestions for you.

Use The Walls

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Your walls are your best friends in a smaller property. They are valuable unused real estate, and using them for storage can help you get creative with your decor and storage solutions.

Firstly, you can use a tv wall mounting service to affix your TV to the wall, so you don’t need a unit on the floor taking up space. You can put up shelves to help you increase storage options, or you can hang bicycles on your wall, hat hooks to display your headwear, or even build a shoe wall by installing small shelving in patterns that can hold one pair of shoes much like a shoe store. This will allow you to organize your shoe collection and have it safe on the wall without finding a home to keep a vast collection.

Use Mirrors

Staging Your Home With Mirrors to Enlarge the Space

Mirrors are excellent for increasing light in a room and giving the illusion of more space. While it won’t help you increase the square footage inside your home, it can help you make it feel lighter, brighter, and bigger to remove the limited living space.

Multi Use Furniture

Honey Pond Home on Stilts in Vermont

To limit the amount of furniture you need to bring into your home, try to look for items that have more than one use. These can be side tables with hidden storage under the tabletop. It could be gas-powered beds that lift up to allow you to store items underneath or even tables that fold out into full-size beds that means you can put your bed away for the day if you live in a studio apartment and struggle for space if your bed is out.


A clever way to maximize storage is to get customized storage and furniture for your home. If your house has awkward spaces, angles, or dead areas that aren’t fit for much, get the professionals in to help you reimagine the space. An expert designer can enlighten you on how best to utilize space and how they can come up with a design that uses all of the space from floor to ceiling, and in every nook and corner, nothing is wasted.

Less Is More

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Less is more when it comes to smaller homes. You don’t necessarily need to go without things; just be mindful of what you bring home and the size and shape of the furniture. Less is more applies to every aspect of your life, from fewer clothes and shoes to less furniture, fewer floor-standing pieces, and less wasted space on things that don’t work.

Maximising space in a small home isn’t always easy and you need to think logically and creatively to help you get the most from your house and fit your life into how you need it to. These five tips can help you do just that.

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