3 Brain Foods That Work Wonders For Your Mental Health

Only a few things can beat the sensation of delicious food in your mouth. But meals do way more than delight your tastebuds; they also ensure that your health is in the best condition. But did you know that some foods can do your brain a lot of good? Yes, this is true! These ingredients ensure that your mental health is optimal at all times, which is essential for going through your day without feeling lethargic. Here are a few options you would want to consider to boost your brain’s function. 

1. Fatty fish 

Foods linked to better brainpower

Fatty fish tops most lists of brain foods, which is no coincidence; there is a reason that this food is number one. For starters, your brain needs omega-3 fatty acids to develop the nerve cells; this process ensures learning and retaining information is a breeze. Another thing you need to know is that these acids also fight Alzheimer’s disease, so you can rest assured that your mind will still be sharp regardless of age. If you want more grey matter in your brain to make the best decisions and have great emotional control, then omega-3 acids are what you need. This is where fatty fish come in; they have a substantial amount of this substance. And who says you are limited to salmon alone? You have options such as trout, herrings, albacore tuna, and sardines, among others. However, don’t treat these fish like a french fry- sauteing, broiling, or grilling is enough to sear the flavor in. 

2. CBD oil 

Food items to boost memory, improve concentration and brain health

CBD has quickly become a staple for many people due to how versatile it is. You can buy it in many forms, including oil. But CBD oil isn’t like your regular options; you don’t use it to fry, broil, or saute. This is because it can lose its properties when placed in high heat, which isn’t what you want. Instead, think of recipes that don’t need this form of preparation. For instance, you can place your cbd oil in your cake or brownie batter or infuse it into your guacamole. The good thing about this ingredient is that you can use it in sweet or savory dishes. But how does it help your mental wellness? CBD doesn’t alter your brain’s chemistry in any way, so you can rest assured that it won’t trigger an addiction. Instead, it keeps anxiety, depression, psychosis, and PTSD at bay. It can also help you sleep better, allowing your mind to reset and recharge for the next day. 

3. Eggs 

The Best Food For Brain Health

Eggs are one of the most affordable and versatile foods known to mankind; you can eat it as a full meal, pair it with others, or mix it as an ingredient for other recipes. However, are you aware that eggs are good for your brain? Everybody needs choline to keep their mood in check and boost their memory. And egg yolks contain a substantial amount of this substance. Moreover, their vitamin B levels can allow you to age in grace without worrying about dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

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