3 Benefits of Bringing Plants into Your Home

Our world started with plants. Everything that our lives currently revolve around all goes back to nature, and a majority of it was founded in plants. Many plants have these qualities and properties about them that just make us feel good.

Do you incorporate plants in the interior design of your home? Maybe it’s time that you do.

Our friends at Rooftop Real Estate Management, a property management company, know just how plants can improve the interior of a home, and they’ve compiled this list to share with you.



It shouldn’t come as a surprise that plants can improve the look of your home. This is why people plant flower gardens in the front of their house and not in the back where no one can see them. Take advantage of the unique look that plants can add to your home. Whether you like flowers, succulents, trees, or shrubs, there’s a plant out there that will fit with the design that you already have.

Use plants as an accent piece. They don’t need to take up the entire room, just a small spot on a shelf or window sill can liven up your living space.

Stress Relief

Why Indoor Plants Make You Feel Better

Imagine yourself in a quiet meadow, grass and flowers all around you, a gentle breeze flowing, and fresh air filling your lungs. Now imagine yourself in a crowded street, hurrying to get to your next appointment, the smell of engine exhaust in the air.

The first scenario likely felt calm and relaxing, where the second one probably stressed you out just to think about. This is how plants can relieve stress in your home. They are reminiscent of being immersed in nature and that calm, peaceful feeling that it brings.

Place a plant in each room of the house or in such a way that no matter where you’re standing in your home, you can see or feel the presence of your plants. This will help cultivate that feeling of calm that you feel in nature.

Air Quality

Do Indoor Plants Really Clean the Air?

It’s a fact: plants improve air quality. They reduce carbon dioxide levels, increase oxygen, reduce the levels of certain pollutants in the air, increase humidity, and reduce airborne dust. After reading those alone, tell me why you wouldn’t want plants in your home.

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