The Three Top Options For Your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you’re looking to create a spot where you, your friends, and family can enjoy socialising and spending time together, an outdoor dining space, a zen den, or otherwise, there are plenty of great reasons to want an outdoor living space. However, if you’re creating one from scratch, then you have to consider which option best suits your needs, as well. Here, we’re going to look at a few of those options and their benefits, to help you decide which works best for you.


50 Deck Design Ideas to Express Your Style Outdoors

A wooden deck in a garden is a classic image and one that might immediately make you think of lounging out under the sun. Decks are typically elevated, made of wood, and are often attached to the home, though they can be freestanding. Wood does have a particular unique appeal to itself, and can seem more inviting and warm, and is also typically the cheapest option to install. However, decks do typically require more maintenance and cleaning, including needing to have their finish applied on a routine basis. They also tend not to last as long as stone or concrete, due to the organic nature of wood, meaning that you might have to replace it sooner. However, there is no replacement for the look and feel of real wood, if that is your preference.


Planning for a Paver Patio: Ideas and Inspiration

For most homes, if you’re not choosing a wooden deck, then you’re most likely going to be looking at a patio of some kind. There are all kinds of options, including brick, limestone, and tile, but stone pavers tend to be the most popular for a reason. Aside from their natural beauty, they’re also very easy to install and ready to use as soon as they are complete and in place. Stone pavers are slip-resistant, offer decent drainage compared to most other materials, and are good at resisting stains. While they are a little more pricey than concrete, they are also easier to repair. If you have a broken paver, you don’t have to replace the whole surface, you typically just have to replace that single paver.


27 Clever Concrete Patio Ideas So You Can Entertain All Year Long

If you don’t want a wooden patio but you’re trying to keep things more budget-friendly, then concrete might be more suited to your needs. Aside from the fact that it’s cheaper than most other options, concrete is quick to install, requires very little maintenance and, for the most part, lasts very long against the outdoor elements, especially when treated effectively. Stamped concrete can even replicate some of the more endearing aesthetic qualities of pavers and other materials. It’s worth noting that concrete can become slippery quite easily, so washing it, such as with a power washer, is essential to make sure that algae and honeydew don’t create a slippery and unsafe surface in the spring and summer.

There are plenty of factors that go into your choice of material for your outdoor living space, including maintenance, cost, safety, and more. However, personal preference is going to play a key role in helping you decide, as well. Hopefully, the information above steers you in the right direction.

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