How To Make More Space For Your Growing Family

Everyone needs to find ways to make their home work better for them. However, the bigger the family gets, the trickier it becomes and you’ll soon find yourselves in each other’s way and struggling to find room to breathe. Whether you’re expecting a baby or your kids are growing rapidly right before your eyes, you need a home that allows everyone their own space, so here are some tips to make more space. 

Consider A Remodel 

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Although a remodel isn’t always necessary, it can help you find more space to accommodate your growing family. This can include a bedroom remodel where you renovate your existing space or focus on another part of the house, such as the attic or basement, and transform it into a liveable area. You’ll need to budget for a comprehensive remodel but it can add plenty of value to your property if you plan to sell in a few years. 

Reorganize and Declutter 

However, you don’t need to impact your budget for a remodel. Instead, you can simply try to reorganize and declutter. If you have a room where you keep everything without a home, it’s time to go through it and see what you can throw out or donate. It could also be worth rearranging your furniture so that it’s easier to get through the house, especially if your family members experience mobility issues and need as much space as possible to get around. 

Install Extra Space 

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It’s also possible to install extra space inside and outside. This approach is different from a remodel as you are;t using space you already have. You can include an extension to add to the back of the house or even try portable building styles that can give your teenager more privacy and their own space independent from the house. They are still under your roof, but they get a good dose of freedom and the chance to prove they are as responsible as they claim. 

Move Items Into Storage 

Another solution is to move items into storage. This can free up space and keep items safe until you decide what to do with them, and it’s a useful solution if you only need short-term space for visitors or while your child is back from school over the summer. Besides this, donating items to friends and family can also help you get rid of things permanently without sending them to the dump.

Repurpose Rooms 

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If you live in a large home, you can repurpose rooms you aren’t using into something else. Your storage room could become a bedroom, while you could transform your home office into a playroom for your kids or grandkids. Again, these solutions don’t need to be permanent, but you can still make sacrifices around the house to ensure you have enough space for everyone. 

Space to Breathe

Everyone needs their space at home. It’s the chance to unwind and get some much-needed privacy. These tips can help you evaluate the best options to make more space in your home to accommodate your growing family and ensure everyone feels secure, safe, and comfortable. 

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