No Trust, No Us: Caught in Bad Romance

“I have trust issues because people have lying issues!” How often have you said/thought this or heard someone else say it? Honesty is a key cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Perceived infidelity or deception can cause immense frustration in a relationship which can then lead to bigger issues.

Polygraph tests, popularly known as “lie detector tests” are being used more and more by couples for two reasons:

1) To prove that they aren’t cheating.

2) To ‘clear the air’ about other issues such as finances or addictions.

A polygraph test helps couples to detect the main issues in their partnership and seek professional counselling services. It is better to solve things early before it snowballs into something bigger.

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Notably, a lie detector test isn’t 100% accurate. It records physiological responses to questions. The physiological responses measured are perspiration, breathing rate and blood pressure. This can be affected by stress or anxiety about the test. Unfortunately, tv shows portray lie detectors as being very accurate. Therefore, results are viewed as “fact”.

Taking the above into account, a lie detector test can have the opposite effect. A false positive could result in a partner being wrongly accused. Moreover, interpretation of the results is down to the polygraphist. Human error can affect the results.


Th use of a polygraph test in a relationship also highlights a key relationship issue: trust. It means that there is no trust that the other is telling the truth. It is unsustainable for one partner to expect the other to have a polygraph test whenever they want to hear the truth. A relationship without trust is just two people who tolerate each other. It would make logical sense for a polygraph test to be followed by a counselling session in order to resolve any cracks in the relationship.

There are some scenarios which warrant the use of a polygraph test.

Sex addiction

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Your partner is a sex addict and you suspect that he or she is cheating on you. Due to the internet, sex addiction can be satisfied through watching pornography, using live cam sites or hiring an escort. If your partner is addicted to pornograhy, it is likely that they won’t have the urgency to satisfy you sexually. Moreover, porn addicts are also likely to cheat. This is because they might want to re-enact some of the scenes they watch or experience something different.

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The many forms of sex addiction can be cured. However, it is important for the addict to realise that they have a problem. A polygraph test can help with this because the questioning causes them to think deeper about their addiction.

Once a sex addict admits there is a problem, and they need help, treatment can begin. Identifying this behaviour in your partner early can help to save your relationship.

The jealous partner

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If your work causes you to spend days away or get to home late, there is a chance that your partner thinks that you are cheating on them. They might to understand that you were stuck in traffic or busy working. A polygraph test enables you to clear your name so that you can move on with your relationship.

A jealous partner can be frustrating to deal with but remember that they could have been cheated on in the past. People who have a history of infidelity are likely to develop trust issues. This can spew over into a new relationship.

You just want the truth

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If your partner has recently admitted to something you might think that there is more they aren’t telling you. Doubt can cause distance between partners and evolve into intense arguments. Ideally, you want the slate to be clear so that you can move on in full confidence with your relationship. In this scenario, a polygraph test is necessary.

There is something amazing about having it in boldly written that your partner has passed. This can give you the confidence you need to take the next step in your relationship.

Final thoughts

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A polygraph test isn’t 100% accurate but it is as close as you will get to know your partner’s thought process and what they do when you aren’t around. Couples in loving relationships should willingly open up to each other. Sometimes we hide things from our partners because we think that they either won’t care or will judge us. Keep the communication lines open.

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