5 Tips for a More Confident You

Beauty is such a strange thing. Everyone’s opinion is different as to what the perfect woman looks like, and if you ever start talking about beauty there is usually one person in the group who feels it is their responsibility to remind everyone that inner beauty is what is most important.

While I do agree that inner beauty is at the top of the necessities list, I also think it is important for women to feel beautiful in their own skin. There is nothing wrong with trying to be your best self and that includes looking your best. Here is a list of a few simple things to help you feel more radiant every day.


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As a rule of thumb sleeping with wet hair does not make for the easiest styling in the morning. If you need simple then I would suggest showering in the morning and then allowing the blowdryer and a small amount of product to do most of the styling for you.


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There is a huge push right now towards thick, perfectly sculpted eyebrows. While all of that is fine and good not all of us have time for that level of artistry in our daily makeup routine. Something simple for most women to do is get their eyebrows shaped at a salon and then keep up the shape by weekly tweezing the hair that grows outside the shaped brow.

Some ladies may prefer to wax their brows. The only problem with that is you have to allow the hair to grow in long enough to wax it off. If you just give yourself 5 minutes in the bathroom each week your brows will always look sharp and ready to go.


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Do you wish your smile was more dazzling? There are a few options for obtaining that glowing grin that you’ve been searching for. Probably the simplest solution would be custom veneers. They help to quickly correct and brighten your smile. Another option, if you feel like being in there for the long haul, would be braces. This way you can have your permanently perfect teeth.

Teeth whitening is also a quick solution you can turn to for a brighter overall look. It only takes a week or so to start seeing noticeable results that will have you smiling at everyone you meet.


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A simple way to keep your face looking fresh and your smile looking clean are to avoid dry lips. Lip color is fun, but it doesn’t always fit the occasion. If you’re looking to just have a clean put together look than keep your lips moist. Chapstick works great on the go, but an extra shine from moisturizing lip gloss is a huge plus to a radiant smile.


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A step that many women skip in their makeup routine is curling their eyelashes. This is usually for 1 of 2 reasons. First, they’ve heard some tragic story about a girl pulling all of her eyelashes out. A good way to avoid doing that would be to only curl your eyelashes when you are sitting on something stable. The second reason is that they just honestly don’t know how.

Curling your eyelashes opens up your eyes and makes your lashes appear thicker and longer. If you’re not sure how to properly curl your lashes then look up one of the many hundreds of tutorials on Youtube. It’s easy. It doesn’t take a lot of time. And it makes a huge difference in how open your eyes appear.

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A woman who feels beautiful in her own skin truly does stand out. Not because of the perfect lipstick or hair, but because her confidence and self-assurance are eye-catching. Do what you need to feel beautiful, and the people around you will be able to tell a noticeable difference.

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