5 Reasons to Love Your Age

We all think of aging as something completely different from growing up. Growing up sounds anticipatory, like you have so much to learn and discover; but when you hear the word ‘aging’, you tend to think of wrinkles, drooping, slowing down, and being past your prime.

Have you hit a point where you now tell yourself you’re aging or getting old? As the saying goes, ‘Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.’ So stop telling yourself you’re aging because you are, in fact, still growing up.

There are new ages and eras of life ahead for you to discover, and here are five reasons to love every one of them.

You Have More Presence

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Maybe the process of growing up has been super gradual for you, but it’s time to look around at how your ability to interact socially and lead projects at work has developed. Was it really you who used to act rashly?

You’ve seen enough of the world to bring specialized knowledge and common sense together. You’re on equal footing with older generations, meaning what you say holds weight, and crowds are more willing and likely to consider the ideas you bring to the table.

You’ve got clout, my friend.

You Have Stories to Tell

Half the fun you have in life is exploring new landscapes and surviving countless adventures, but the other half is recounting them. In the beginning, there’s not so much to say, but with each year, you’re racking up more experiences to reminisce over with friends and family.

Your stories may be epic, shocking, heartwarming, or heartbreaking, and there will always be someone who needs to hear them. So don’t be afraid to give a telling.

You’re Ready for Better Adventures

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With all that built up experience, you have a solid foundation for new things. Maybe you started off small when you went on your first international trip with a tour group, but now you’ve got the street cred to try going off-grid on your own.

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And what has your work and school experience been like? Because you may be ready for more responsibility, a promotion, or further degrees in your field. Taking on projects that the younger version of you shied away from is definitely an empowering part of your new age.

Your Tastes are Expanding

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Think about the fashion trends you’ve been through and how it has felt to discover your own style along the way. And it’s not just your impeccable dress that you’ve explored, it’s food, music, and your worldview.

So maybe you have a hard time eating twinkies or listening to your favorite screamo band. While you still have fond memories of them, you’ve grown to appreciate foreign foods like creme brulee and a masterful performance by the London Philharmonic.

You’re not losing all your past likes and dislikes, you’re rearranging and adding to them like you never could a few years ago.

Your Health Needs are Changing

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The state of your health usually plays a game of give and take, but that doesn’t mean everything you’re going through is lamentable. Cheer if you don’t have to deal with acne anymore! Recognize your wisdom in sticking to a skincare routine and using sunscreen religiously.

Perhaps you have or will need to go through surgery or regenerative therapy with WalkerSpineandSport.com. While it might make you anxious, you also know that you have wonderful professionals to care for you and even help your body become more powerful and capable than it’s ever been.

So whatever year you’re on in this life, don’t forget that you’re still growing up with all sorts of possibilities and marvelous surprises ahead of you!

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