4 Ways to Make Sure Your Money Is Always Protected

You worked hard for that money so it’s best to work hard to make sure it is protected it as well.

In this day and age, we hear of things like identity theft, credit card fraud, embezzlement, and many other frightening things that pertain to stealing someone else’s hard earned money.

It can leave you feeling anxious and wondering if your money and other assets are even really safe and how in the world you can make sure they are protected.

Luckily, there are many resources, people, and companies that can help to ensure that your money is always protected, and if anything should happen you will still be covered and compensated for anything that is lost.

Although some may say nothing is certain in this life except death and taxes, by using these four ways to make sure your money is always protected you will feel a lot more certain about the state of your money.

1. Have everything on paper

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Having everything digitized can be a blessing, but under some circumstances, it can be a bit of a curse, because digital accounts can be altered by someone who knows what they are doing.

To counteract this and always have proof of what is yours, it is a good idea to have things such as credit card statements and debit card statements printed on paper.  Most banks make it pretty easy to access these statements and have them mailed to you each month, as well as having them available online to print yourself if you want to have both options.

It may seem wasteful because you can easily access them online and save paper, but in the end, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

2. Check your accounts every day

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One of the biggest ways to know that something is off in your account is if you are familiar with the exact amounts that are supposed to be there every day.

Most banks now have apps that you can easily download and have on your phone so that you can easily and quickly check the amounts in your bank and review purchases as well.

If you notice something is off or the amount seems wrong you can double check that someone isn’t trying to make unauthorized purchases under your name or taking out any cash withdrawals. If there is something up, contact your bank right away to have it taken care of.

3. Know your rights

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Sadly enough, sometimes you have to make sure you are even protected from the very banks that are supposed to protect your money, so it’s important to know the rights you have should some problem arise with your bank or any other person or company that is supposed to handle your money or personal information.

Make yourself familiar with the protections and rights associated with your credit cards, debit cards, and even your rights under the FSCS.  If you work for a company and you feel they are mishandling your money or keeping money that is rightfully yours don’t hesitate to hire an embezzlement investigator.

4. Make sure the way you pay is safe

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When you make payments online, ensure that the way the money is going to be processed and the company that processes it is safe to use. Look them up and make sure they are legit and that there are no bad reviews or investigations against them.

Also, a good tip is to use your own bank’s ATM as much as possible versus other ATM’s, like random ones at a gas station or other place. This ensures that you will actually get your money and that your information won’t be compromised.

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