Why Tech Sector Diversity Matters More Than Ever

Tech sector diversity is improving, but it still has a way to go. There is something of a lack of diversity across race and gender in a very male-dominated industry. Yet, changes are being made right now, from increased performance to highlighting the current issues in the sector.

More and More STEM Roles

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The STEM workforce relates almost directly to the tech sector. The sector demands high-value workers with extraordinary skills and competencies. Because of this, recruiting from one set of candidates is no longer viable, and diversity opens up the process for more skilled people. Consider software engineering, tech manufacturing and design, and modern merchant services for an ISV, for example. These require STEM jobs for the 35 million currently looking.

Enhanced Production Performance

No tech company can survive without innovation. You innovate or become irrelevant. It is that simple in modern technology. A diverse workforce helps carry innovation to another level with a pooled mix of skills, resources, and perspectives. An inclusive workforce also helps team members reach their full potential. They don’t feel shunned because of skin color, gender, or religious clothing. The best products are the ones with inspiration drawn from diverse groups.

Tech Sector Diversity and Gender Gaps

Don’t Get Left Behind, The Future Is Now

Some of the best companies for diversity are in tech. Yet there are pay gaps in all sectors, not just tech. However, the tech industry is among the most male-oriented. Even today, women only make up around 25% of workers in the computer science field. And this is even less in engineering. Being accepted, safe and included at work work towards self care and actualization. Fortunately, many tech companies are becoming far more accessible to women.

Shining a Light on Sector Issues

There is a lot of harassment, negativity, and toxicity in the world today. And the tech sector is no stranger to allegations. From Fintech to video game development, women are treated pretty badly. In fact, it got so bad at Google that the company settled a sexual harassment case by offering $310 million towards highlighting and rectifying diversity issues in the industry. Such mistreatment of people hurts the individual company and the tech sector as a whole.

Retaining Top Talent

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From a business perspective, diversity has numerous benefits, including saving money. With a diverse initiative, you open your company to a vast pool of skilled workers rather than a narrow focus with one or two standout candidates. And this is only the beginning. You can attract talent; around 67% of job seekers factor in diversity when looking for an employer. They will also retain their jobs and work harder for teams who include diversity matters as a part of the culture.


STEM roles are growing and getting harder to fill, which is why tech sector diversity matters more than ever. There are also huge gaps when it comes to diverse roles and pay that need to be addressed. Diverse practices also offer more skilled workers to select and retain in a role.

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