Top Ways to Clean your Home Naturally

Simply put, processed products can have a harmful effect on the home environment. Therefore, it is best to look for alternatives that are organic and can be naturally prepared to clean your home. Now, because not many people can clean their homes naturally, they will eventually look for chemical-infused products. However, once done, it is hard to say if your health will be fully protected. This is because a lot of people complain about respiratory issues and other problems after using the shop-bought products. In this feature, we will highlight the importance of using natural ways to clean your home and make it stand out:

Use a Multipurpose Spray

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Are you looking forward to saving time? Bring a multipurpose spray bottle to your home. However, the liquid will be prepared in your kitchen. All you need is a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of water. On the other hand, if you’re repulsed by the smell of vinegar, you can infuse essential oils into the blend. Most people use lemon as it has a lucrative smell. The most amazing thing about this spray is that it can be used on almost any surface in your home, such as your countertops, the interior shutters in your windows, and kitchen cabinets. Leaving you with a cleaner home without using any strong chemicals. 

Use Olive Oil

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It is not only good for your health but has plenty of other benefits too. Many experts acknowledge it as furniture polish because it is the perfect antioxidant. The use of olive oil will surely simplify your life and allow you to live sustainably. Use a cotton cloth and drench it in olive oil. Once the cloth has absorbed enough quantity, you must squeeze it. Don’t forget to add lemon juice, as it will cut the strong smell of olive oil. Use the blend to polish your furniture, and once done, let every piece of furniture out in the naked sun.

Fight Mould with Vinegar and Tea tree Oil

Natural Cleaning Tips for Your Home

No wonder mold is a major problem in major households right now. However, one spray infused with vinegar, and tea tree oil is enough to fight this problem. All you have to do is prepare the home spray and rub it on the affected parts. Once done, allow the liquid to rest on the surface for 30 minutes. On the contrary, if you’re not an avid DIYer, it is recommended to consult professional home cleaners. Make sure to learn about their net reputation before hiring.

Use Bicarbonate Soda

Five ways to clean your home naturally

Bicarbonate soda works in 3 ways broadly: it emanates a sweet smell, fizzes if wet, and will penetrate grease without much effort. Bicarbonate soda is a major necessity in households because it assists in bathroom cleaning to a great extent. On the other hand, it helps remove grease from the infected areas of the bathroom. Secondly, if you wish to see the sanitary parts of the bathroom shine, bicarbonate soda will enable you to breathe life into this goal. Once the bicarbonate soda is used, it will help in giving out a fresh look at the surface.

Use the Castile Soap

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Most experts swear by this biodegradable and non-toxic soap. It is usually used as dish soap, for laundry detergent, and the floor cleaner. Recently, experts have also recommended it for use as a shampoo. To create it, you need to wash up the liquid, mix some part of the castile soap with a little amount of water.

For best results, it is recommended that you use a quarter cup of vinegar and don’t forget to put hot water in it. Squeeze the castile soap so that the mixture can benefit from it the most. 

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