Protecting Your Home From Natural Disasters

Mother Nature is awesome, but when she turns her vast power on your home, you will probably end up feeling less than awesome about it! That’s why it always pays to prepare for the worst that natural disasters could throw your way, especially if you live in an area where floods, hurricanes and the likes, are not so uncommon. Here’s how:

1. Get Flood Smart

Smart Tech Can Help Protect Your Home From Floods

If you live in an area where even the ducks start investing in life jackets, consider flood-proofing your home because although there are experts who can help you, flood clean up is no picnic. Start with the basics: elevate your utilities, install flood vents, and make sure your sump pump is as reliable as your favorite superhero (and just as powerful). Consider landscaping that directs water away from your home, like a gently sloping yard, which can also double as a killer sledding hill in the winter. 

2. Shake, Rattle, and Roll with Earthquake Readiness

Earthquakes don’t mess around, and neither should you. Secure heavy furniture and appliances to the walls—think bookshelves, fridges, and that giant TV. Flexible connections for gas and water can prevent leaks after a shake-up. And remember, during an earthquake, doorframes are your friend. Well, unless it’s a particularly nasty quake, then you might want to buddy up with the underside of a sturdy table.

3. Batten Down for Hurricanes

When the wind howls louder than a teen at a boy band concert, it’s time to batten down the hatches. Hurricane-proof your house by installing storm shutters and ensuring your roof and garage door can withstand high winds. It’s like putting a windbreaker on your house—functional, potentially stylish, and very necessary. And if local authorities say it’s time to evacuate, don’t be the hero—grab your emergency kit and follow their advice. Your house can wear its windbreaker without you.

4. Fireproofing for the Fiery Tempered

Wildfires are nature’s way of saying, “I’m still the boss.” To keep the flames at bay, create a defensible space around your home. This means clearing away dead plants, grass, and debris that could fuel a fire. Choose fire-resistant plants and materials whenever possible. It’s like telling a fire, “Not today, buddy.”

5. Tornado Alley Tactics

If tornadoes are a regular part of your seasonal playlist, a storm shelter or a safe room is a brilliant investment. Reinforce this safe haven with steel doors and concrete walls. It’s the VIP lounge of your home when the weather decides to crank it up to eleven.

6. Tech to the Rescue

Embrace technology with home improvements like smart water leak detectors, which can warn you of leaks before they turn into floods. Automatic shutoff valves are also a brilliant add-on to prevent water damage. Because nothing’s worse than coming home to an indoor swimming pool you didn’t want.

7. Insurance Assurance

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Lastly, ensure your insurance is as robust as your disaster-prep strategies. Regularly review your coverage to make sure it’s up to snuff because sometimes the real disaster is finding out you’re not covered for that tree through your roof.

Protecting your home from natural disasters will give you a fighting chance of keeping your home safe and intact, so why wouldn’t you?

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