Preparing for Your Freshman Year

You just graduated high school, congrats! It’s an exciting milestone in life and one that deserves some celebration. Let’s be honest, high school was rough sometimes. This summer you now have to prepare for your freshman year of college. Maybe you feel nervous, excited, or overwhelmed. Whatever you are feeling, there are a few things you should sit down and think about before school starts this fall. 

Securing Housing

Moving out of the house and into your own place is exciting and a little nerve-wracking. The new freedom is exciting but living on your own can also be intimidating. There’s a lot of things to consider when looking into where to live: location, price, private or shared room, amenities, and even the social atmosphere. 

As a freshman, it’s a good idea to consider student housing. There’s always the option of just renting a traditional apartment, but student housing is convenient and sensible while in college. When renting an apartment, the lease won’t necessarily begin at the beginning of the school year. Student housing is more likely to become available at the right time. If you want a more social college experience, student housing will be full of students your age. Apartments could be filled with people that are a range of different ages.

Choosing Roommates

College is the perfect time to break out and form new relationships, but that doesn’t mean you have to drop all of your old childhood friends. It can be nice to room with old friends – just be careful to establish some expectations on how you live. Try to find roommates who have similar lifestyles as you. Do you both want to throw parties all the time? Are you both morning people? How clean do you like to keep your apartment? These are important conversations to have with your friends before deciding if you can room together.

Picking Classes

Choosing College Classes: Important Tips For Incoming Freshmen

Freshman year most of your classes will be generals. Use your university catalog to find what classes you need to take. Unlike in high school, there will be hundreds of classes to choose from. Choose a class load that will be challenging and fun. You are going to college to learn, so don’t just take all the fun recreational classes. But also remember that college is about experiencing new things so if you want to go ahead and try out that scuba diving class.

Selecting Professors

Choosing Your Professors and Keeping Those Ties

Professors can make or break your class experience. Talk with people who have taken your classes and ask which professors they had. Use websites like to see what people have to say about your professors. You won’t find the perfect professor for every class, but you probably can find a professor that is a fair grader and engaging to listen to.

Buying Textbooks

Textbooks are expensive. Probably more expensive than you expect. Honestly, there’s no need to go and buy a brand new textbook for each of your classes – especially while you are taking generals. Look for used and less expensive textbooks at your university’s bookstore. Compare your university bookstore’s prices with prices on Amazon or other websites that sell textbooks. Many universities even have Facebook pages dedicated to buying and selling textbooks. Look around before you buy that brand new textbook you only need for one semester.

Freshman year is an exciting time and you’re bound to make a lot of fun memories. Just remember to sort out some of the logistics, like housing and professors, before you get to campus this fall.

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