Keeping Your Home’s Exterior Looking Great This Winter

Without wanting to turn all Jon Snow, winter is coming. The harsh reality for homeowners is that the harsh winter weather will increase the risk of property damage. If you’re not careful you could be left with an unsightly property that requires extensive (and costly) upgrades in the early parts of 2024.

Thankfully, though, you can prevent this outcome by implementing the right steps today. Focus on the five projects below and you won’t go far wrong.

1- Keep Your Roof In Great Health

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When thinking about ways to protect the property, it makes sense to start at the top and work your way down. Protecting your roof from storm damage should be at the top of your agenda. You should also keep gutters clear of debris, which may mean adding a gutter guard. As well as storm and rain damage, you should consider the threat posed by snow. Otherwise, the weight and moisture could cause big problems.

Aside from protecting the external parts of the home, you’ll be protecting everything inside. 

2- Protect Your Driveway 

The driveway plays a telling role in the health of your home. For starters, it is the first part of the property that you use when returning from work. Meanwhile, damage can quickly pose a threat to the foundation of the home. Experts like EverLine Coatings and Services can repair and seal coat asphalt drives. In turn, this will prevent damage to the property as well as the driveway itself. It also removes trip hazard risks and prevents vehicle tire damage. 

Now is the best time to complete this work. Otherwise, minor issues can become serious

3- Protect Doors And Windows

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Doors and windows are at significant risk of damage in winter. Whether it’s from strong winds, flooding, or leaks doesn’t matter. Any vulnerability that allows water, for example, to enter the home must be treated. If replacing the windows isn’t possible right now, you can use shutters. Meanwhile, sliding doors can benefit from door threshold drains. It’s an extra layer of useful protection.

Of course, you should also look for signs of cracks on all walls. 

4- Protect Your Backyard

The backyard might not get used as often in the winter months. However, its importance remains. Ensuring that you have proper drainage should be a priority. Experts like Vodaland USA can provide a wide range of solutions to help you here. Meanwhile, sealing decks and patios is another positive move. If your garden has a lot of plants that have died, you should dispose of the debris now.

It will keep your backyard safe and visually pleasing while removing threats to the property.  

5- Add Security Features

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Finally, you must remember that it’s not only bad weather that poses a threat to your home. Burglars know that most families will buy lots of new goods like electronics around the festive period. So, you need to add security cameras and alarms to protect your assets and family. Meanwhile, animals may attempt to enter your home as they seek warmth and food. Ensuring that all potential access points are blocked off is vital.

When supported by the steps above, your property will be better protected all winter long.

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