5 Reasons to Take Good Care of Your Teeth

Teeth are important. They allow us to eat, provide a great smile, and can be used like a Swiss-Army knife. Just kidding, please don’t do that last one. It’s really bad for your teeth.

Some of these reasons are very obvious, yet here I am bringing them up because I think some people have missed the memo on these things. Your teeth and mouth deserve great care, and here’s why.

Good Hygiene

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The number one reason to take care of your teeth is that you want good hygiene. I know, I know, obvious. Yet we have all met someone who clearly does not put a lot of time into taking good care of their teeth. Not only is it a problem that affects people around you due to bad breath, but it can lead to serious problems down the road.

Cavities are a very undesirable condition resulting from a lack of proper dental care. According to grovecitydentalofblackfoot.com, “Cavities are an all-too-common problem, and when your teeth experience this kind of decay, they need to be filled.”

Fillings are not pleasant, avoid them by practicing good oral hygiene.

You Don’t Get Them Back

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Kids have the benefit of learning how to take care of their teeth on their baby teeth, before losing them and getting their permanent teeth. As adults, we need to be careful of how we take care of our teeth because if they get removed they aren’t coming back.

Sure you can get implants, but it won’t be your actual tooth. Just be wise, it is not a fun thing to get a tooth pulled and then replaced.

Smile Draws Attention

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When people meet each other, and even after, the smile is one of the first things noticed. If it is clean and bright, people take notice. If it is misaligned or dirty, people take notice.

A little effort to whiten, brighten, and maintain your smile will go a long way in helping it be one of your best features.

Mouth Pain

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Mouth pain is a league of its own. It is so bad! Many pains you have on your body can be treated with ice/heat, massage, or drinking water like your mom always told you to do.

Pain in your mouth is usually caused by lack of proper care and can affect the inside of teeth, all the way down to the roots if left alone long enough. That kind of pain can’t be treated with an ice pack, and honestly, ice will probably make it worse. Avoid deep, seemingly unrelievable pain by taking good care of your teeth.

Lack of Care Can Mess You Up

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As noted in just about every paragraph in this article, the lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to serious problems. In case you missed it: the lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to serious problems!

Problems with your teeth and gums are very preventable. If you brush, floss, and gargle with mouthwash twice daily (and do it with conviction, we aren’t 5 anymore) you can avoid a ton of problems. If you don’t stay vigilant, you can end up in a lot of pain and in need of dental operations which are the worst, second only to the pain that is causing the operation. Take care of your teeth!


Proper oral hygiene can prevent a plethora of issues and discomforts. If you put effort into daily hygiene you will see the results. A healthy happy mouth and a world-class smile. It’s worth it.

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